FS Loves: Bandar Spring Hill

Today is a memorable day for Family Store Kempen Kasih Sayang as we decided to bring love and joy to 6 locations all in one day! The first to benefit from Family Store are the folks at Bandar Spring Hill.

We’ve chosen the primary school hall as our event’s location.
We are grateful for the volunteers from Gabungan Persatuan Keturunan Cina NS (Bahagian Wanita). With them around, the operations were definitely smoother!
fs-csr-springhhill-03 fs-csr-springhhill-04 fs-csr-springhhill-05 fs-csr-springhhill-06 fs-csr-springhhill-07 fs-csr-springhhill-08 fs-csr-springhhill-09 fs-csr-springhhill-10