FS Loves: Dewan Perbandaraan Seremban

 community to enjoy this privilege with us!

We were there early in the morning for the preparation. FS is in charge of the gifts and logistics while we got extra help from the Gabungan Persatuan Keturunan Cina NS (Bahagian Wanita).

Our beneficiaries gradually arrived and they are required to register for records purposes. The response to this event was very good as we can see the crowd getting bigger as time goes by.

This was one of the bigger Kasih Sayang event that we have organized. Hence we invited VIPs for speech before the giveaways.

There were many very old folks and some with limited mobility, hence this time, VIPs and volunteers carry the gifts around and distributed to the needy.

Great day and we were glad that we did something good for the community! Looking forward to our next Kempen Kasih Sayang destination!