Happy Birthday, Family Store!

Yes, we are celebrating our 25th Anniversary this year. With that, you will see many exciting events and special promotions take place over the course of the year as we celebrate this historic occasion.

First and foremost, are you 25 years old too? If you are born in 1989, then you are the same age as Family Store. To make a memorable 25th anniversary event, we are giving away special gifts to anyone who turns 25 this year! Just show us your I.C. and fill up a form, and you’ll get a Mystery Gift from us!


Over the past 25 years, Family Store has been growing up like a tree, adding branches and new leaves from year to year. We are grateful for your continued support throughout the years, and we are happy to be able to grow together with you and with your young generation. In years to come, we’ll still be here with you all the time, always be by your side! 


Ah yes, before we forget… In the coming month, it’ll be our Lucky Draw contest again!

If you have missed out the chance last year, then this probably will be a bigger opportunity for you. Stay tuned and find out what’s special this year!