Our Quest For World’s Best Moms and Dads!

During these beautiful months of May and June, we join the world in appreciating all the hard works and unconditional love that our parents gave us since the day we came to this universe. Family Store has always emphasize on family values no matter who you are and where you’re from. Hence, we came up with a mini campaign to give something back to our customers – something which they can also bring back for their amazing parents!

Family Store staff setting an example on how to pose with these gorgeous frames!


Our campaign crew trying their best to come up with the best framing and pose for FS customers.


This boy seems very delighted to be photographed with his mom 🙂


Wishing all moms have a peace of mind!


World’s coolest Mother-Son Combo. Nice matching shades!


He might be too young to know what’s true love but a mother will never stop loving!


Did they use the wrong frame? Nope, it was intentionally taken this way as it’s a message/present for their parents!


Express more with lovely messages


Don’t worry if you are not good at writing. Our crew is there to help! No one should be left out in conveying their love to their parents 🙂


Kids won’t lie 🙂


We love this family shot!


We are also in love with this old couple who are still going grocery shopping together after so many years of marriage 🙂


Our campaign ended on a happy note and we are so glad that right now, at the corner of their homes or inside their wallets, these tiny photos bring them moments of happiness.


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