Parents’ Day with Family Store!

May and June are parents appreciation months! All parents who visited our stores during Family Store’s Parents’ Day event were showered with love with a series of fun activities listed below!



Event location and details:

27/5/2016  (Friday)

11pm – 1pm      Family Store TTJ

3pm – 5pm         Family Store Senawang

7pm – 9pm         Family Store Ampangan

28/5/2016  (Saturday)

9am – 11am      Family Store Rasah Jaya

1pm – 3pm        Family Store S Two

4pm – 6pm        Family Store Galena



Visitors were surprised with free photo shooting with an Instax camera. The photos were given to the visitors on the spot as a token of remembrance and appreciation.



Door gifts

Chocolate-coated marshmallows were distributed to visitors as door gifts. Children and adults were tremendously happy to receive the sweet treat. Free drinks and snacks were given away too!




Blessing cards

Parents were given blessing cards with various wishes printed on it. They can use this card to “claim” gifts from their children, for instance, massage from children, hug from children, house cleaning, wefie snaps and etc.


Family Store thanks all customers for the support! We hope that you enjoyed the Parents’ Day event as much as we do!