Our Story

Our Background

The first Family Store was established on 19th of April 1989, located at Rasah Jaya, Seremban. Since its establishment, Family Store has been growing rapidly and steadily. From our very first store to the subsequent continuous expansion, Family Store has continued to expand, and we are bound to staying align with our mission to become everyone’s “Your Neighbourhood Store”. We are constantly strive to serve you a better shopping experience with us. Besides, the company has more than 800 employees, offering over forty thousand products.

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of Family Store is “Everyone is one big family”. Often, employer(s) of Family Store care about the welfare of employees. It is because Family Store treats everyone as family.


Your Neighbourhood Store

Family Store always focuses on residential area. Unlike department stores and hypermarket, Family Store is able to open their stores around residential area due to its optimum size as well as the rules and regulation of city planning.

Family Store is neighbourhood stores and very convenient as most of the stores are within walking distance, always offering fair price products for customers.

Collaboration Enquiries

You may visit us at our Headquarters or give us a call:

FS Family Store Sdn Bhd
3742, First Floor, 
Jalan RJ 6/12,
Taman Rasah Jaya,
70300 Seremban, NSDK.
Tel: 06-632 8581
Fax: 06-632 8582
Website: http://www.familystore.com.my